Australia Awards Short Courses


Australia Awards Short Courses (AASC) are a targeted program of intensive training provided for groups of participants either from a single or a range of organisations. Australia Awards Short Courses utilize Australian expertise in education and training for targeted participants while strengthening people-to-people links and professional networks.

AASC can be substantially more flexible and responsive than the long-term Australia Awards Scholarships, but they still provide recognised academic credit or statements of competency (to Australian Qualifications Framework standards) to participants who successfully complete the course requirements.

AASCinvolve engaging an Australian university or Registered Training Organisation (RTO) to conduct the short course. Short courses may be delivered in Vietnam or Australia, or a combination of both.

In Aus4Skills, AASC are one of the modalities or a tool in the toolbox for HRD interventions and support. Typically an AASC in Aus4Skills is designed with a modular structure to include time spent both in Australia and Vietnam and always to contain supported on-the-job learning. This on-the-job learning must be reported according to specified course requirements in order to complete the requirements of the Award.

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