How to Apply


Web browsers for OASIS: You can only use Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome to access the OASIS website. Some features of OASIS are not compatible with other web browsers.

Save your application/answers: When answering sections of the application form that require long answers, you should always save a copy of your answer on a Word document before pressing “Next” to the next section. After you have submitted the application, you should also save the completed application for your own reference. You may need to refer to it later for your interview.

Submit application earlier than the application deadline: Note that the OASIS system is used by applicants from all over the world. If possible, do not wait until the application deadline to start uploading documents or submitting your application. The website is extremely busy on the last few days of the application period and you may experience difficulties. Even if you must wait until the last day to upload one last document, for example, the IELTS results, you should complete all other parts of the application beforehand. Applications finalised after the application deadline, even if you started your application before the due date, will not be accepted.

OASIS ID: When you create a new application, you will be given a unique OASIS ID number. The ID is in the form AASxxxxxxx (where xxxxx is your unique number). Remember the number and quote it along with your full name in every correspondence with Aus4Skills, including emails.

Contact information: Your residential address is where you live. Your mailing address is the place most convenient for you to receive mail. Mail from Aus4Skills is sent by Express Mail Service (EMS) which requires a person to sign a receipt upon delivery. The mailing address may be the same as your residential address, or could be a different address, such as your workplace. If it is your workplace, you should state clearly your department or division. To ensure that mail can be sent to you efficiently, do not translate addresses terms like ngõ, ngách, khu tập thể, thị trấn… into English. You should give your address in Vietnamese without accent marks (tiếng Việt không dấu). For example, your addresses should read: Phong 502, Nha A, 14-16 Ham Long, Quan Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Do not type with accent marks (có dấu) because OASIS will not render these characters.

Home phone is a mandatory field; however, if you do not have a home phone number, put your mobile phone number in the field.

Character limit: Various sections of the application that require long structured answers may contain a character limit of 500 to 2000 characters, depending on the section. Please note that the limit is the number of characters, not words, and this limit includes blank spaces and all punctuations. Thus, “Ha Noi” is two words, but six characters in total. If you exceed this character limit, when you attempt to proceed with the application, the system will mark the section with a red X. If you encounter an error message to the effect of “Enter the response up to 1000 character”, this means you have exceeded the character limit and should edit your answer so that it is shorter.

How to categorise your proposed courses into correct field of study in OASIS: Please refer to Guidance on how to fill in section 15.5 of the OASIS 

DFAT's policy on fraud

DFAT takes all possible steps to ensure that Australian Government funds are used appropriately to deliver effective aid and development and treats all attempted, alleged, detected and suspected fraud seriously. For further information, please refer to Policy on Fraud.

Applicants are requested to fill in this survey on how they first learnt about the Australia Awards:

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