Required Supporting Documents

To apply for Australia Awards, applicants must adhere to all requirements, including the submission of supporting documents. Failure to provide all required documents may make an application ineligible.

Vietnamese applicants must provide the following supporting documents. Please review the documents and ensure that you have them available in a form that can be uploaded and that no individual document is more than 2MB.

Type of Document

Suggested File Name

Document Type/Note
(choose on OASIS when uploading)

Certified copy of original formal degree

01-Applicant's Full Name-Degree-V

Degree Certificate
If more than one degree, specify bachelor degree / master degree

Certified translation copy of formal degree (if not in English)

02-Applicant's Full Name-Degree-E

Degree Certificate

Certified copy of original formal transcript

03-Applicant's Full Name-Transcript-V


Certified translation copy of formal transcript (if not in English) 

04-Applicant's Full Name-Transcript-E

Academic transcript

Certified copy of citizenship document

05-Applicant's Full Name-Citizenship

Proof of citizenship 

Certified copy of original birth certificate

06-Applicant's Full Name-Birth Certificate-V

Proof of citizenship 

Certified translation copy of birth certificate

07-Applicant's Full Name-Birth Certificate-E 

Proof of citizenship 

Certified copy of work contract that proves the required work experience

08-Applicant's Full Name-Work Contract 

Other document 

Curriculum Vitae (CV) with passport photo stamped by current or previous employer

09-Applicant's Full Name-CV 

Curriculum Vitae template

Letter of reference with stamp from current or previous employer 

10-Applicant's Full Name-Employer Reference 

Employer or Nominating Authority Reference template

Academic referee report, as required:
One (1) academic referee report for all Masters by coursework applicants
Two (2) academic referee reports for Masters by research applicants

11-Applicant's Full Name-Academic Reference

Academic Referee Report template 

List of relevant publications for Masters by research applicants

12-Applicant's Full Name-Publications 

Other document 

English proficiency certificate (IELTS or TOEFL iBT) with a valid test on or after 1 January 2017 for all applicants except provincial agency and Equity of Access applicants

13-Applicant's Full Name-English 

Proof of English Language Proficiency 

Summary research proposal for Masters by research applicants

14-Applicant's Full Name-Research Proposal 

Other document (no template available)

Evidence of supervisor contact for Masters by research applicants

15-Applicant's Full Name-Supervisor 

Other document 

Certificates or Awards/Prizes at international and national levels or university graduation only.

16-Applicant's Full Name-Awards 

Other document

If an Equity of Access Applicant with a disability, certified evidence of disability

17-Applicant's Full Name-Disability 

Other document 

If a Disadvantaged Rural Applicant, evidence of disadvantaged status if not available in above supporting documentation, e.g. high school transcript.

18-Applicant's Full Name-Disadvantaged 

Other document 

*Please note that Equity of Access Applicants in any applicant group do not need to submit a certificate at this stage (however English proficiency testing, which is paid by DFAT, will be required if shortlisted for an interview).

Masters by Research Applicants must:

  • meet requirement of relevant group of applicants
  • submit a summary research proposal on application that includes methodology, timelines and a brief literature review (no template available)
  • have reports from two academic referees using the academic referee report template
  • provide a list of relevant publications
  • show evidence of supervisor contact at application and should supply evidence of past research and highlight outcomes (e.g. copies of relevant emails and correspondence should be uploaded with the application).
  • provide the name of a proposed supervisor in section 8 of the Application Form.

Please see our guide on how to find a supervisor and how to prepare a research proposal.

Document templates for download

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